Recently launched ISM Centre for Innovation & Development (ISMC-CID)

New Innovative & Collaborative ISM: PAIS | Pan African International Students.

(Launched in Kenya in June 2023 and Ghana launch due in September 2023)

Nairobi ‘23 | First-Ever Global ISM Leaders Gathering in Africa

Stephen pastors a church and leads a campus ministry in Australia, and also serves as global catalyst with International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC). Previously, Stephen studied forestry at the University of British Columbia in Canada before spending two years doing campus ministry in Panama. Upon returning to Canada to pursue a master’s degree from the Association of Canadian Theological Schools, he began ministry among international students both through his local church and ISMC. Stephen is married to Rebecca and together they have three children.

    Stephen Scott

    Catalyst for International Student Ministry

    Yaw Perbi is a physician and pastor, as well as president of International Student Ministries Canada. He is the founder and global CEO of The HuD Group, with operations in two dozen countries. He has practiced medicine both in his home country, Ghana, and with the United Nations in Côte d’Ivoire. Dr Perbi’s 15 books include the Amazon bestseller, Thinking Outside the Window. He’s spoken in 45 countries on five continents and is a Lausanne Movement catalyst for international student ministry. He currently resides in Montreal, Canada, with his wife Anyele and seven children.

      Yaw Perbi

      Catalyst for International Student Ministry Cadana

      Francina de Pater is the national director of the international student ministry department of IFES Netherlands and the international student ministry coordinator for the regional team of IFES Europe. Francina graduated from the Agricultural University in Wageningen, where she met her husband Arie. While she was working in research and getting her PhD in medicine from the University of Amsterdam, she began to volunteer with a ministry reaching out to Spanish-speaking prostitutes. It was then she felt called to leave her academic career to pursue ministry full-time. Apart from her roles with IFES, she also has her own coaching and counselling practice, and enjoys being involved in her local church leading a ministry that reaches out to the many tourists that visit their church each year. She and her husband also helped plant an international church in Gouda, Netherlands, through which they have connected to many refugees and other internationals from around the world. Francina and Arie live in Gouda and have three children, Iris, Nathan, and Micha.

        Francina de Pater

        Catalyst for International Student Ministry